Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Swagbucks Book Club

The Swagbucks Book Club – a weekly gathering of reading fans to share thoughts and inspirations – and gather Swag Bucks, of course!

Each Friday at 10am PT/1pm ET The Swagbucks Book Club meets here in the blog to discuss the topic of the day.  Don’t worry if you can’t make that time – the discussion continues throughout the weekend so drop in when you can.  There is no cost – no special sign-up – no requirements to join the Swagbucks Book Club.  Just show up and share your thoughts.

The Swagbucks Book Club began April 2011 as a suggestion by you – the members of Swagbucks!  Since that time it has evolved into the following schedule –

One book is chosen – voted on by you – as the reading selection of the month and announced ahead of time.

The reading selection of the month is discussed in depth on the last Friday of the month (and throughout the weekend)

Each Friday a blog post highlights a topic related to reading ending with a Discussion Topic.

Each Monday a variety of random contributions to the previous Friday discussion are chosen and awarded prizes – usually 25 SBs.

Monthly reading selections can be just about anything from any genre. We have even featured books written by Swagbucks members! Check out a handful of past titles:

Visit these past discussions at anytime to see what fellow Swaggernauts have to say.  Curious if the Swagbucks Book Club has ever discussed your favorite book?  Use the “Search the blog” function on the upper right corner of this page.

Want to quickly find the most recent Swagbucks Book Club entry or browse past entries? Choose “Swagbucks Book Club” from the category search on the right side of this page.

Join us each week for the Swagbucks Book Club and bring a friend (a great way to entice someone to become your Swagbucks referral!)

Click here to find out which title won and will be discussed July 2014.