Wednesday Game Challenge – Dads vs Grads Style!

Happy Wednesday! Today is shaping up to be EPIC!  Our GraDADuation Day Swag Code Extravaganza gets underway at 7am PT and you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 35 SB in Swag Codes!

We’re right in the middle of our 3rd Annual Dads vs Grads Team Challenge, too!  And of course, our Dads vs Grads Collector’s Bills are out there for the finding, via Swagbucks Search!

With all this excitement, we bet you thought we forgot about today’s Game Challenge, right?? WRONG!

Every Dad would probably give every Grad this same advice: Get the most out of life and have fun doing it!  Therefore today’s Game Challenge is to earn at least 10 SB playing games today.

Tell us how many SB you earned today, what games you played to get there and if you are on the Dads or Grads Team.  We will pick 3 people on Thursday (double checking their math – of course!) and award them with 100 SB!

CONGRATS to: Catlady858, CMac27 and tugey for establishing their dominance playing SB Games!  You each just won 100 SB!

And remember, every time you win Swag Bucks from playing Games and Tournaments, you contribute points to your team!  Don’t know which team you’re on? CLICK HERE!

Have fun and good luck!

-Team Swagbucks