Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Your Questions Answered, Anywhere!

Good morning, Swaggernauts!

We want you to have the best possible experience on Swagbucks.com. That means getting answers to any of your questions – easily and quickly.

To improve on that process, we are making it even easier for you to access our FAQs and Customer Support department.

Introducing our Help Anywhere tool!

You will now be able to access our FAQs and reach a Customer Support Agent from ANY PAGE on Swagbucks.com. On the bottom right of your screen (pictured below) you’ll notice a tab that says “How can we help you?”


Clicking on this tab will open a list of menu items (pictured below) to help answer any of your Swagbucks questions.


We hope that you take advantage of this great new feature so that all of your questions get answered and you can get back to enjoying Swagbucks.com!

-Team Swagbucks