How Swagbucks Works For Me – dirtgrrl88paypal

We thoroughly enjoy reading about what our members use their rewards and gift cards towards. Say hello to dirtgrrl88paypal, from Livermore, CO and see how she used her SB rewards!

Thank you Swagbucks for helping me pay for my brand new TV with gift cards! I needed a new TV. I had been watching TV on a tiny, old TV that my father had won in a golf game about 100 years ago. I could barely see what was going on half the time!

I couldn’t justify taking money from savings for a luxury item like a TV. I decided I was going to join Swagbucks and see if I could make this happen with gift cards! It took a little bit of time, but it was surprisingly easy and fun to watch the gift certificates add up. Thank you for being an honest site that I can always trust to pay out what I have worked for.

I have recommended this site to all my friends and I am living proof that it really works!

This is so awesome! Congrats on your new purchase!!!

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-Team Swagbucks