How Swagbucks Works For Me – loosefaith

Happy Monday! Team Challenges are often a great way for new and old Swaggernauts alike to share their earning tips! Today, we meet loosefaith, from San Antonio, TX. Read about how she’s been earning more, thanks to her participation in a past Team Challenge!

I joined Swagbucks around November of last year but didn’t do much with it until a few months later. Even then I didn’t know how to earn SB other than doing the daily poll and playing games. It wasn’t until a team competition that I started learning about the different ways to earn and even then I wasn’t getting that many.

But in late April I started looking around the site and reading the blogs. My husband has been on disability for the past 3 years so money’s been a bit on the tight side. In May, we moved from Oklahoma to Texas and wracked up a bill on my Bill Me Later account on PayPal. In June I started really digging in and have become a Swaggernaut for life!!

I vowed that in July I would pay the bill down with the tips I make at work (I’m a Barista at Starbucks) and with the SB I earn. I just received my second $50 PayPal card (it’s only July 17th!) from Swagbucks and am less than 1700SB away from my next $50! My bill is almost gone! I told my husband that I will continue to do this so that we can have mad money, because who doesn’t want that!

I told my manager what I was doing and she’s very interested in Swagbucks now and wants to start earning to pay down her debt from her recent wedding. I even posted a picture of my first reward on Facebook. I’m willing to tell anyone about this great program! Thanks Swagbucks for the best opportunity to earn cash and gift cards!

This is fantastic – and congrats on your first reward! We know there will be many more to follow! Make sure you invite all of your coworkers and friends to Swagbucks using your referral link (CLICK HERE).

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-Team Swagbucks