How Swagbucks Works For Me – Nicollette43

We’ve passed the halfway point of 2014 and are now into July! Today, we’d like to kick off our month of testimonials with a very unique story! Say hi to┬áNicollette43, from Moore, OK and see how she’s making Swagbucks Work For Her…and making something else!

I recently relocated from the UK to the USA, and got married! Woo! LOL but seriously. My husband and I love to enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two) after work. So it is great that my husband’s hobby is to make wine!

We make just enough to keep us saturated and have a couple bottles spare to give out to friends and family.

This is where Swagbucks fits in.

Some of the things we need to keep this hobby funded are a little bit pricey. So… I complete surveys and watch sbtv on my phone in my spare time. I use my Swag Bucks to buy Amazon vouchers so we can get all the little bits, like corks and other wine making essentials that we need.

I love Swagbucks and it makes our life and wine so much better! Thank you Swagbucks and CHEERS!

This is just awesome and so cool! Have you considered making a Swagbucks barrel?

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-Team Swagbucks