How Swagbucks Works For Me – nursemorph

We’ve got Swaggernauts around the globe! Today we meet¬†nursemorph, from Eastbourne, UK! ¬†Check out how he’s making Swagbucks Work for Him!

I have been a Swagbucks member since May 2010 but have only been using it seriously since last November. Due to some health issues, I am currently unable to work so, money is tight. Swagbucks has been a huge help for me. I usually redeem my bucks for Amazon vouchers which pays for almost everything I need, bar my food, such as tea and coffee (I drink 10-15 mugs a day so it gets a bit costly!), toiletries and various other bits and pieces. As well as being able to buy essentials, it also allows me to treat myself sometimes and, over the last 7 months, I have been able to buy things such as a new mobile phone, books, computer games and so on.

I spend most of my day on Swagbucks as I have to lay down all the time so it keeps me busy and earning at the same time. Thank you very much Swagbucks…not only does the site help me keep my finances from getting worse but it also keeps me occupied and, well, sane! The community is also very friendly and helpful and I enjoy posting on the Facebook page and trying to help others in their search for more Bucks.

It really is a great site and, despite the occasional hiccups, would be a site I would recommend. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this story! We hope you start feeling better soon – but keep on Swagging!

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