How Swagbucks Works For Me – SpringBride

We hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! Today, we’l like you to say hi to SpringBride, from Sudbury, Ontario. With a new arrival to her family, she’s been using Swagbucks to help out along the way!

I have been a Swagbucks member for the past few years and love everything about it! My husband and I recently added a member to our family…a baby girl – Avery! We love her to pieces!

As most people know, having a baby is expensive and Swagbucks has helped us tremendously in buying essential item (ie, diapers, etc), along with cute little accessories with our Paypal Gift Cards.

While she is napping I will watch SBTV and complete surveys to earns some SBs.  Since I am located in Canada, I can’t complete all SB activities easily, however we still cash in when we can!

Thanks again!

What a cutie!  You can tell she’s anxious to start Swaggin’ herself!

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-Team Swagbucks