Tastemakers Presents: Giant Oreo Cake

We’re back with our newest Tastemaker: Charlotte of Stretching Your Budget! She started Stretching Your Budget to share with others the value and reward of saving money & living frugally. She’s so passionate about saving money and living within your means, that we couldn’t help but introduce all of you to her.

When it comes to skimping on the things you enjoy in life, Charlotte sees the fun in making your finances work so that you can have fun too. So when she told us about her devilish chocolate cake made to look like a giant Oreo, we knew we had to share the recipe with all the Swagbucks members. Whether it’s for a birthday party or just a special occasion, you can save money by making your own cake. Don’t fret though, Charlotte shows how inexpensive and easy it is to make an Oreo cake right at home.

Here’s Charlotte’s secret: since the ingredients are found in every grocery store and are semi-prepared, it’s convenient and quick to make — no slaving away in a kitchen all day. Learn how you can turn a few, inexpensive store-bought ingredients into a big, delicious Oreo cake! Find out how here!

And tell us: what’s your favorite easy dessert to make?

-Team Swagbucks