Tastemakers Presents: Homemade Microwave Popcorn

There’s nothing like a summer movie night, whether it’s a free outdoor event in your community or a cozy night in at home. If you love a bag of microwave popcorn for movie night, but hate the price, then Tastemakers has a treat for you! Meet Stacy of Adventures in Coupons. She loves a good deal, and while she’s not a fan of the term “extreme couponing”, she prides herself in realistic couponing and saving!

So why pay up to a couple dollars per bag of microwave popcorn (depending on where you live!) when you could make it for much less at home? Here at Swag Central, we have our own popcorn maker for impromptu snacks, so of course, we’re big fans of making your own popcorn. Thankfully, Stacy is here to show us how easy and tasty it is to make your own popcorn without a fancy contraption. You don’t have to use the stove either!

Read more here & follow Stacy’s simple steps to your very own bag of microwave popcorn, then add toppings.

We’re fans of just salt or even a little salt and pepper, but Stacy also provides other great topping ideas!

What’s your favorite topping or way to enjoy popcorn?

-Team Swagbucks