Trusted Surveys – SB Reward Updates

You may notice tomorrow that the rewards payout for Trusted Surveys looks a little different, but we promise you, it’s for the better!

Here’s what to expect:

  • You may see some surveys that may have a lower SB payout amount than you’re used to.
  • You’ll also notice surveys with bigger SB payouts.

In sum, the total number of rewards we’ll be giving you for completing Trusted Surveys is actually going up! We’re excited to give out more SB and we wanted each of you to be the first to know that this change is actually for the good.

**This change will go into effect as of 12:01am PT tomorrow morning (7/30/14)**

And with that, we’re happy to announce our newest contest: The Final Answer! The rules of this contest are quite simple: take surveys and get entries to win SB!

The Final Answer:

  • Dates: 7/30/14 – 8/6/14
  • If you attempt a Trusted Survey and are DQ’d or receive the Over Quota message, you will get 1 entry!
  • If you attempt a Trusted Survey and complete it, you will get 5 entries!
  • On Friday, August 8th, we will randomly select 10 winners who will each receive 500 SB!

Click HERE to get started!!

Good luck!

-Team Swagbucks

Click here for the Official Rules.