Here Are 5 Shop & Earn Store Ads You’ll Actually Want To Watch

It’s time to hop on the SwagWagon again, where we take what’s trending and viral online and show you how you could earn Swag Bucks from it.

This week we are going to look at some ads. Wait! Wait! Don’t click away yet! Let me rephrase that. We are going to look at some cool ads. The kind that you would probably watch even if you didn’t earn Swag Bucks for doing so. And that is kind of what is going on here.

But each one of these ads just so happens to be for a brand you can earn Swag Bucks for shopping with Swagbucks Shop & Earn.


Swagger Wagon ft. Busta Rhymes | 2015 Toyota Sienna
We wish we thought of this one first. Watch the video that inspired this post. Then learn about how you can earn Swag Bucks for discovering where to shop online here

An Internet Hero Actually Hunted Down All 74 Stickers From This New Apple Ad. 
Earn 1SB per dollar you spend at 
Learn about where you can get all 74 stickers here. 

Nike Packages Ultra-Flexible Sneakers in a Tiny Shoebox 1/3 of the Regular Size Cute, and not bad for the planet either. Earn 3SB per dollar at

World’s Greatest Dad Shows You How It’s Done in Ad for Peanut Butter Cheerios. Watch and learn from a cereal lover. Earn 111 SB for A Case of 72 Cheerio Top Boxes From Walmart. 

Expedia Travels Back in Time to Recreate Your Best Throwback Thursday Photos. One a week through August.
Earn 2SB Per Dollar at 105 SB (flat) for Airline Bookings. 1166 SB (flat) for Completed Cruises. 
Also Get Up to 50% Off Up to 10 Select ASAP Destinations

Dockers® Partners with Jim and Sarah Harbaugh to #StopDadPants
Head Over to Shop and Earn & Earn Up To 52 SB for Supporting the Cause.

What’s your favorite commercial of all time? If it’s a brand you can get by Shopping & Earning on Swagbucks, let us know.

We’ll pick our favorite suggestion and feature it on next week’s SwagWagon.

-Team Swagbucks