How Swagbucks Works For Me – AIR1DRC

And we’re back with another installment of How Swagbucks Works For Me! Say hi to AIR1DRC, from Louisville, KY. Read her story below:

Hi my name is Dusti I have been doing Swagbucks for about three years.  When I first got started I didn’t expect to make that much just enough to order books on Amazon,but in less then 6 months I had enough amazon gc to purchase a 52inch (I got a great deal on Amazon. $375) flat screen tv for my extra living room.

That was my goal and when I hit I was so proud of myself.  Then I started swagging for Christmas within 6 months I had enough gift cards (Walmart and Amazon) to knock out almost my whole Christmas list. Well I took about 6 months off, no reason just was pc issues. I started back about a month ago and have already made $75.  I’m planning on getting gc for for when we go on vacation and to start building up my Christmas fund.

Thanks for the extra $$ Swagbucks!

This is awesome! We’re glad you were able to get what you wanted, all from using Swagbucks!

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-Team Swagbucks