How Swagbucks Works For Me – AsunaKirihaya

Another week of Swagging and another week of meeting new Swaggernauts! Today we have a very, very new member to introduce you to! Say hi to AsunaKirihay from Ohio!

Hello! My name is AsunaKirihaya! I joined Swagbucks in August 2014, I have only been a member for about 3 or 4 weeks. Even though I have only been a member for a short while Swagbucks is already tremendously helping me! I am 23 years old so naturally, I’m drowning in debt just like everyone else.

I have a sweet little Shih Tzu Mix who needs to be groomed and brushed and bathed and all that every so many weeks. Well, I recently decided that I was going to learn to groom her myself because I did the math and figured out that I’ve been spending an average of $320 a year just on getting her groomed! That’s $320 I could be using to pay off debts!

Anyways, thanks to Swagbucks, I can use my points to get Amazon gift cards to pay for the supplies I will be needing to groom her myself! Without Swagbucks I would be having to shell out $200 to get everything I need to start grooming her and saving me money every year!

Thank you Swagbucks for making my life just a little simpler by making it so my money can go towards bills and not grooming supplies or to the groomers!

Welcome to Swagbucks, AsunaKirihaya! We’re happy to have you in the Swaggernaut community!

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-Team Swagbucks