How Swagbucks Works For Me – Goldencross

It’s Wednesday and that means Friday is close! Today, please say hi to Goldencross, from Freeport, FL! Learn how she and her husband are taking advantage of Swagbucks and making it work for them!

We moved to Florida and retired two years ago. We aren’t old enough for Social Security or to draw from our 401k. We live on a very small pension. When I found Swagbucks, I didn’t have high hopes. I was pleasantly surprised once I got into it. I make my goal every day which gives me 500 to 600 extra points on the 3rd or 4th of the next month. I love watching the informative videos. I even have my husband watching them. Once he found out that this was real money, he offered to help. I look forward to the daily polls. My favorite games are Pegland and Trizzle.

We live in a very rural area of the panhandle. We call it lower Alabama. There is no shopping within 30 miles of our home. Most things we need, I order on line. Amazon is my favorite choice for shopping online. I use most of my Swag Bucks to buy Amazon gift cards. I never pay for my orders with anything but gift cards now. I put them on my account as soon as I get them. Every time we need something I look it up on Amazon and I always have enough gift cards to pay for it. When every penny counts Swagbucks really makes a big difference.

I think I’ve only been Swagging for about 8 months and have earned more than $400 in gift cards. I love my Swagbucks.

This is a great story and thanks for sharing it with us! You are truly making Swagbucks Work For You!

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