How Swagbucks Works For Me – Jackie11967

Happy Wednesday! Today’s testimonial is a great story that we are thrilled to share with you.  Say hi to Jackie11967, from Shirley, NY.

Hi ! My name is Jackie11967 & Swagbucks is my escape. I am 21 years old & I joined Swagbucks back in 2011. As a teen I had to overcome many obstacles in order to become the person I am today. I battled a drug problem late in high school that exceeded your typical “experimentation.” My drug problem stemmed from an untreated severe anxiety & panic problem that I could never control. I am proud to say I have been completely clean for 3 years now & never been happier about it. After rehab, my sponsor told me it was important that I find something positive to invest my time in. This is where Swagbucks comes in! I stumbled on the site & immediately fell in love. My family’s financial situation has been taking a slow decline over the years so it was like the holy gods shined a light onto Swagbucks lol! Could this be anymore perfect?

I immediately was hooked. I never let a day go by where I don’t meet or exceed my goals. I start my day with the daily poll/Toolbar/NOSO & most recently daily Encrave. I then move onto watching my favorite videos on SBTV usually while cleaning/cooking (favorite time of the day !) One of the most fun parts of Swagbucks though is by far the swag codes. Having the SB toolbar makes it easy to find these codes. I love them because each one is like a scavenger hunt!!

Nowadays I find myself with plenty of time on my hands after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Being sick for so long has been a battle and without Swagbucks I would be going insane right now. I am known as the “swaggler” by family and friends & am always ranting and raving over how awesome Swagbucks is. The great part about Swagbucks is I’m literally having fun while earning my favorite gift cards. I usually go for PayPal & occasionally Amazon or Sephora and have managed to earn quite a bit in these rewards. I have been able to keep up with bills from the pay pal cards which have been a life saver since I’ve been sick & taking off from work. Also I am able to buy household needs from Amazon & of course treat myself with a little Sephora! The beautiful part of Swagbucks is it is an app enjoyed by all sorts of people. From your stay at home mom to college students of all sorts, this app is perfect for any lifestyle.

I want to thank Swagbucks for giving me an escape & I look forward to many years to come of swagging!

Thank for sharing this story with us, Jackie11967! Keep up your great swaggin!

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