How Swagbucks Works For Me – JMotoki

Happy Monday! Check out today’s How Swagbucks Works For Me series and meet JMotoki, from Torrance, CA!

I first joined Swagbucks back in December but I didn’t really do anything much as first because I thought it was like all those other sites that say you’ll get rewarded but don’t & boy was I proven wrong! To this date I’ve earned $350 in gift cards simply by entering Swag Codes, watching SBTV, doing surveys, & any and all activities I can do to reach my daily goal & try and reach the monthly master (which I’ve only achieved once but hey i’m trying!)

I’m a stay at home mother and I really enjoy Swagbucks because it allows me to do simple tasks & get rewarded for it when otherwise I wouldn’t have much to contribute to the household aside from taking care of our little boy. I was able to get my husband an amazing present for his birthday back in May and also some great presents for our little one when he turned 1 in June.

I love that I can cash in Swag Bucks for Target, Amazon, & Babies R Us gift cards, and those are only 3 of the many many options that are in the reward store! Having a little guy means needing lots of things like clothes, food, and toys so Swagbucks is perfect for me and my family! I’m currently working toward our Christmas gifts *fingers crossed* thanks Swagbucks for providing such an amazing & fun experience that rewards!!

I look forward to Swagbucks being apart of our life for many years to come! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your story with us, JMotoki! We’re happy to have as a part of the Swagbucks family!

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