How Swagbucks Works For Me – myfishbites

We’re halfway to the weekend! For today’s featured Swaggernaut, say hi to myfishbites, from Cheltenham, England! Read her story below!

I have a genetic condition which rapidly deteriorated over the last couple of years leaving me basically housebound, unable to work and a wheelchair user. As an active person it was a huge shock to the system and I was feeling very down about things as well as being utterly bored stuck at home alone all day.

I decided to apply for a Canine Partner to help me regain my independence but had no idea how I was going to be able to afford all the equipment a large dog would need. Around the time I was accepted, I discovered Swagbucks. I quickly got earning and within a month and a half I had enough saved up for a £50 Amazon voucher when the sale was on.

So far I have got a pet gate and some felliway to help the cats adjust and will keep on going until I have everything ready for my amazing new partner to come home to later this year. I’ve also managed to add in some treats for my housemate/carer who looks after me fantastically with no payment.

Thank you myfishbites, for sharing this story with us! Here are 500 SB for you!

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