How Swagbucks Works For Me – Sweeteggroll101

Swagbucks is our name and helping you make money is our game! Please say hello to Sweeteggroll101, from McAllen, TX and learn how she’s making Swagbucks Work For Her!

My Swag Name is sweeteggroll101 and I have been using Swagbucks since 2011. I was looking for a way to save money and Swagbucks was the answer! I love all the different things you can do, searching, watching, and now reading (I have discovered one or two books to check out at my local library). Swagbucks has had such a big impact on my life by helping me keep to my monthly budget I share with my husband through your Gift cards and Search and Earn opportunities. My husband works full time (he swags when he gets home) and I have a home business, so money is tight and any extra is appreciated. Swagbucks allowed us to pay for our wedding and help work on our house.

Many items I can’t get locally, so I get them through Amazon and pay much less. Plus the Gift cards come in handy for Birthdays and Christmas (I have already started saving some of the gift cards since the holidays are just around the corner).

Once my parents saw how much I was saving, they wanted to learn more. They are both retired and live on a fixed budget so Swagbucks has allowed them a way of saving money on the things they need. My dad is an early morning Swagger (gets up early to watch his videos and search) and my mom is an afternoon Swagger. They both love the extra points you get in meeting your monthly goals. And just recently I got my brother hooked on Swagbucks to help with the cost of his art supplies. Being an artist in California is tough when prices are high over there. It has become a family affair for us and something that we all enjoy and look forward to each day.

So thank you Swagbucks, I appreciate the impact you have had not only on me and my life but for my family as well.

My picture is just a few of the grocery items I have been able to use my Amazon Gift cards on:

This is great, Sweeteggroll101 and thanks for sharing your story with us! It’s awesome to read that you’ve been able to get your family hooked on Swagbucks too!

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-Team Swagbucks