The 10 Most Expensive Artworks Ever Reproduced on a Dorm Room Wall

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Every year around this time, college students throughout the world (especially freshmen) are asking themselves one very important question:

What do I hang on my dorm room wall?

And while the John Belushi shot from the 80’s cult classic “Animal House” is priceless from a cultural and historical perspective, here are 10 works of art that most students (unless their last names are Kardashian or Hilton) will not be hanging on their walls.

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Who’s your favorite artist?

Sold for $123.7 Million
Edward Munch
The Scream,  1893
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Sold for $130 Million
Pablo Picasso
Garcon a la Pipe,  1905
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Sold for $143.3 Million
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Bal du moulin de la Galette, 1876
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Sold for $144.5 Million
Francis Bacon
Three Studies of Lucian Freud , 1969
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Sold for $151.4 Million
Vincent Van Gogh 
Portrait of Dr Gachet, 1890
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Sold for $151.7 Million
Gustav Klimt
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907
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Sold for $151.9 Million
Pablo Picasso
The Dream, 1932
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Sold for $161.8 Million
Willem de Kooning
Woman III, 1953
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Sold for $164.7 Million
Jackson Pollock 
No.5, 1948
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Sold for $273 Million
Paul Cézanne
The Card Players, 1892-93
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