Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Your SB Glossary!

Happy Monday, Swaggernauts!

If you’re new to Swagbucks and active on our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’re likely to see some terminology that you might not be familiar with.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What are trips?” “Swag Name? What’s a Swag Name?!” or “What’s a Swaggernaut?”

We understand that you might be confused and that’s why we’re here to help, with our Swagbucks Glossary! Here are some common terms you’re likely to see:

  • Swagbucks – The website.
  • Swag Bucks – Our virtual currency.
  • Swag Name – your Swagbucks user name (made when creating your account)
  • Swaggernauts – Swagbucks members.
  • Swag Nation – The collective group of Swaggernauts.
  • MSBD (Mobile Swag Bucks Day) – Each Friday is MSBD and we give out 25 SB bonuses to lucky members that post pictures of their mobile wins on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Swag Codes – hidden messages or specific strings of text throughout Swagbucks.com as well as our social media sites, which can then be found and redeemed for Swag Bucks.
  • Swagstakes – The Swagbucks version of a sweepstakes, big rewards with low entry costs (in the form of Swag Bucks).
  • Swag Code Extravaganza – A day when multiple Swag Codes are released, sometimes involving a game or a hunt through the site or on our social media.
  • SBTV (Swagbucks TV) – A way to earn Swag Bucks for watching entertaining and informative videos.
  • Team Challenge – A friendly competition that divides the participants into two or more groups to offer bonus earning opportunities.
  • Collector’s Bills – Specially designed Swag Bucks bills available for a limited time won using Swagbucks Search. If all in the series are found bonus Swag Bucks are awarded.
  • Singles – Getting your first Swagbucks Search win of the day.
  • Dubs – Getting your second Swagbucks Search win of the day.
  • Trips – Getting your third Swagbucks Search win of the day.
  • Quads – Getting your fourth Swagbucks Search win of the day.

We hope this will be helpful to you as you navigate your way through Swagbucks!

What’s your favorite “Swagbucks Glossary” term?

-Team Swagbucks