It’s Time to Elf Yourself!

We’re kicking off our Holiday Swag Code ExtravaDazzle with a little elf fun!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an elf? Of course you have!!

Today, you have your chance to discover your Elf Name!  See the image below and figure yours out, then post a comment with it below!!

We hope you had some fun figuring out your Elf Name!! Congrats to our 5 random winners of 25 SB:

  • grcarr7 (Merry Sparkley-Toes)
  • payes1997 (Twinkle Plum Pants)
  • DubyaDC (Happy McJingles)
  • Cutechalupa (Buddy Pickle-Pants)
  • ceciliamae (Bubbles Pointy Toes)

-Team Swagbucks