Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy #6: 2500 SB Grand Prize for Good Intensions (sic)

The Swagbucks Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy #6

Welcome back! How did you enjoy our little adventure into the subreddit land of Swagbucks. It’s a nice little community doing nice things over there. For those of you joining us for the first time, last weeks Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy was held on Reddit.

Which according to everyones BattyJanice went very well:

Lol! I had a reddit account from back when it first started. After years however, I forgot what screen name and password I used. Getting old sucks. O.o

So I created a new account for this, and expect I will visit the SB subreddits more often again. I love these challenges! Some of the entries make me laugh so hard I literally fall out of my chair!

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Speaking of nice things. In honor of Earth Day, this week’s Smart Rewards Challenge is all about… well, lets call them good, but highly uneducated, intentions.

Here’s what to do.

1. Head over to:

a) The Swagbucks Charity “Give & You Shall Receive” Page


b) The Impact Action section in the Do Good section of our Reward Store.

2. Check out the charity offers and gift cards

3. In the comment section below, come up with uneducated tips to fight, combat or deal with the general issues on those pages. You must provide at least one uneducated tip from each page. 


Uneducated Tips To Fight Global Warming
Burn down all the greenhouses to stop them from producing their gas.

Uneducated Tips To Provide A Measles and Rubella Vaccine
For every parent in the US that doesn’t vaccinate their child, vaccinate a child in a third world country in their place.

Uneducated Tips to Provide Clean Water for a Day
Use bleach

Uneducated Tips to Protect Wildlife.
Its best to adopt a wolf cub when its young.

4. The Smart Reward Challenge Thingy is an open style invitational. But use good taste. There are some lines that can be drawn.

5. On that note, try not to take any of the submissions people make seriously and remember that this is all in the name of good Swaganigans.


The Grand Prize Winner will get 2,500 SB (that’s a $25 gift card of your choice) plus an opportunity to do a good deed.   10 Runners Up will receive 1,000 SB each (that’s a $10 gift card of your choice)   5 Honorable Mentions get 500 SB each (that’s a $5 gift card of your choice)


Submissions are capped at 11. Why 11? Because it’s one number better than 10. That’s why. • Please, only one submission per comment. So if you want to make 11 submissions, you’ll have to comment 11 times. • The due date for submission, unless stated otherwise, is always at exactly 11:59pm SST – Samoa Standard Time (we want to give everyone a chance) on the Sunday following any post. In this case it’s Sunday, April 19th 2015. We need the week to review all your Swaganigans. So, if you are in Somoa on a Sunday at 11:59pm, then the opportunity, for you, has sadly passed. But look, we don’t take ourselves too seriously here. So if you absolutely must squeeze one in between the due date and the next post…you may. We may read it. Then again, we may not.

Now on to the winners of last week’s Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy

Last week’s Challenge was guest hosted on the Swagbucks subreddit. Here is a direct link to the post.  A special shout out goes to Gerwald, the Swagbucks subreddit’s moderator and a judge for this challenge. I have no idea what his relationship status is. But if he is single, let me just say that he is a great guy who goes out of his way to help the people he cares for. If he is married, or already in a relationship, all I can say is that you missed your chance… but he is a model example of what to look for in a life partner.

Last week we introduced the concept of a SwagHook. A SwagHook is a silly Swagbucks referral tagline based on a subject of our choosing.

In this case they were

1. Create a SwagHook using TITLE (not song lyrics) of a popular 80’s song. Example: Take On Me and get some Free Gift Cards
2.Create a SwagHook Knock Knock Joke. Example: Knock knock. Who’s there? Free Gift Cards. Free Gift Cards Who? Do you want some?
3. Create an Paradoxical or Oxymoronic SwagHook: *Example: Half the lies they tell about Swagbucks aren’t true; On Swagbucks Be quick, but don’t hurry; *
4. Write a SwagHook from the perspective of a dog. Example: Not having a little extra money can be rrruf.
5. Write a SwagHook in the form of constructive criticism: Example: You know, if you are going to waste time online you might as well get some free gift cards out of it.

In 10th Place  (1000 SB)

Swagbucks: Money for Nothing, Gift Cards for Free – YoursandMine8

In 9th Place  (1000 SB)

Swagbucks: the biggest earner of small income. – PoisonAlchemist

In 8th Place  (1000 SB)

Did you know you can buy Sephora gift cards with Swagbucks? Not that there’s anything wrong with the way you look . . . I’m just sayin’ . ..~ Lilly Makeup Tips

In 7th Place  (1000 SB)

As a dog it’s safe to say I love bones, so I’m going to throw you one–use Swagbucks and you can get your own bones. -BubblyKiwi Earn money by simply doing things you all ready do!

In 6th Place  (1000 SB)

Knock, knock. Who’s there. Needle. Needle who? Needle little money? Join SwagBucks now! –o0adam0o

In 5th Place  (1000 SB)

If there’s a swagbuck in the middle of the forest, will anyone earn it? -hellomommy33 

In 4th Place  (1000 SB)

Knock, knock.””Oh hey, come on in.””Damn it dude, you ruined the joke.” “Sorry I just really wanted to tell you about this great website I just joined called Swagbucks. You should join!” -bradpiff You’re supposed to say “Who’s there?”

In 3rd Place  (1000 SB)

Swagbucks ~ Where It feels good to be lost in the right direction. -Next10pct Check it out

2nd Place  (1000 SB)

If this sentence is true, then Swagbucks gives you free gift cards. -thessbarnes true or false?

Runner Up (1000 SB)

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Perk. Go away! I already use Swagbucks! -JellyMuffin 

The Grand Prize SwagHook Winner of 2,500 SB!!!

The only constant is change, but the free change from Swagbucks is constant. – dvd0wtt

Honorable Mentions (500 SB)

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Woo. Woo who? I know right?! Swagbucks rocks, woohoo!!! -JGeiger2 Get more extra cash, less corny jokes.

The ins and outs of Swagbucks: SIGN IN – CASH OUT! -SwaggingMyTale

Every Survey You Take, the more Swagbucks you’ll make. –mainstreamfish
Like a Virgin (I cashed in all my Swagbucks and I’m back to zero) – Besarme

Swagbucks: Where you can save money by spending it. – PoisonAlchemist

Congrats to all the winners! Now go challenge yourself! We’re all counting on you (to kinda save the world).