The Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy Five: 2500 SB for Procrastinating on Reddit

The Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy

This week’s Swagbucks Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy is being graciously guest hosted by Garwald and the SwagBucks (sic) subreddit community on Reddit. Everything, with the exception of announcing last week’s Taxing Challenge winners, will take place over there and will return here next week to announce the winners. Here is the post.

We’ve been wasting a lot of time on Reddit lately, so we figured why not make something of it and let people earn some SB as well. The other reason we wanted to have this week’s Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy over on Reddit is because we will also be introducing two new types of SB earning contests.

The first is a new type of Twitter contest (to replace the “phrase that pays”).

The second is a really fun Reddit contest called Swaganigans ( /r/Swaganigans) (coming soon)

Anyways, head over to the the Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy Post on Reddit and start challenging yourself. Joining Reddit is free, easy and doesn’t even require an email address.

Now, on to the winners of last week’s Taxing Challenge Edition.

Last Week’s Winners

Last week we asked you to visit and answer one or more of several Challenge questions based on your eligibility.

Here is a recap:

A: Check out the Credits section and alter and/or come up with a credit for something that should be rewarded. Example: Reverse -Dependents: A tax credit will credited for every ancestor you are able to trace back to on (you can earn some SB for doing that as well FYI).

B: Check out the Donations section and suggest a change to and/or create a deduction that you or someone else (like a celebrity) would like to take. Example: Thinking good thoughts shall be considered a charitable donation.

C: Check out the options for the $3 Check Off. Alter and/or suggest a cause that you’d rather check off $3 for. Example: Let people check off $3 to be used for a Swagstakes entry, with a prize of tax exemption for life!

D: Check out the The Filing Status choices on the 1040. Add some new options. Example: Soviet Divorced Defector White Male; Cute; Hispanic Female; Out to Lunch; ROLOLBFFSWBM; Bruce Jenner
5bers Start Here

E: Come up with a tax on something that ought to be taxed (Suggest an alternate way for the government to determine taxes.) Example: Self-Tax: A tax on selfies; Lazy-Tax: Tax people with gym memberships for all the days they didn’t use them.

F: Come up with some novel change to the tax code. Examples: Make tax returns due April 1; allow taxes to be made payable by gift cards, trade-ins and special favors for the government.

G: Come up with creative new excuses for not filing your taxes. Example: My printer ran out of ink. So what looks to you as several blank pages is in fact a printout of my tax return, just without the ink.

H: Since you can’t win the 500k TaxAct Prize money tell us what you would do with a 500k tax return. Example: I’d start my own TaxAct company. Lesson learned; I’d return it to the government because it’s probably a trap.

I: Mandatory Bonus Question For Everyone: Come up with a more positive and witty but not necessarily appropriate tagline for


10th Place and like 1000 SB  goes to Julie366 for: E. A tax immposed every time someone uses the word “like” inappropriately. “Like, I had to pay $1000 in taxes!” Cha ching…

9th Place (and 1000 SB) goes to EarningLearning for this excuse: G. I didn’t file my taxes because I didn’t think the government was working for me. So, why should I continue to put money into the government? That’s not how it works? I don’t only pay for things I support?

 8th Place (and 1000 SB) go to RegularVSpecialK  for this creative excuse for not filing : G: I formed my own country, since my street doesn’t show up on a map after living in the same house for 17 years. Therefore, my house is not part of the USA. We are working on Universal Deathcare soon.

7th Place (and 1000 SB) goes to 27platinum for this awesome TaxAct tagline alternative: Act like you know what you’re doing, use TaxACT.

6th Place (and 1000 SB) goes to FallAGAIN‘s new filling status of D. Don’t Try to Categorize Me! You Don’t Know ME!

5th Place (and 1000 SB) is about what Swag Member Lilly would with a 500K tax refund: H. I’d send it to Nigeria to get that 32 million dollar inheritance that I’ve been told BY A LAWYER is just waiting for me to claim it.

4th Place (and 1000 SB) goes to Icequeen1618 for one of the best excuses for not doing anything, let alone ones taxes: G. “I wanted to file my taxes, but there was a Firefly marathon on TV.”

3rd Place (and 1000 SB) goes to  circusmama‘s  TaxAct – Fast Acting Tax Relief!

2nd Place (and 1000 SB) goes once again to Swag member Lilly for this honest excuse: G. My cat died. No, I wasn’t too sad to file, it’s just that she was the smart one in the house and was the designated filer.

This week’s Runner Up is StrawbrryKiwi‘s new TaxAct tagline: I:Tax Act: Easy. Fast. Free Willy!

This Week Taxing Smart Rewards Grand Prize Winner of 2500 SB:

E: Procrastinator Tax: We’ll come up with the amount later.

Congrats mollymarie!

Honorable Mentions (500 SB each)

1DinaB: C – $3.00 Check Off for every time I have to say “Clean your room” in one calendar year.

mouseofthehouse: F: All taxes would be based on your knowledge of popular celebrities. The more questions you get right, the lower your taxes. Bonus: celebrities would have to answer questions about ordinary people

danhere: B: Staying till end of the closing credits of any movie should be considered as a donation.

mfets2010: E. Large Campaign Contribution Tax: This is a luxury sales tax because buying your own lawmaker is a luxury.

StrawbrryKiwi: H: If I won the 500K, which I can’t because I filed weeks ago, I would buy as many $5 amazon cards and then randomly post multiple codes on social media websites and if someone commented about never winning anything, I would message personally that person with the code (hope it wouldn’t seem creepy or scammy though.)

Now head over to the SwagBucks subreddit and go challenge yourself.