Little Extra Stories: A Little Motivation Can Go A Long Way

Stacey from Schuylkill Haven, PA (Swag Name: Dalscruf)  started working from home and discovered Swagbucks while looking for something to do to pass her free time. But the way she uses Swagbucks changed forever when, this past January,  she and her husband found out they were pregnant with their first child. All of a sudden, Stacey finds herself addicted to reaching her Daily Goal every day. Go Stacey go!

“I’ve been cashing out for gift cards to stock up on household and baby supplies. I’m due Oct 5th, 2015 and when SHE arrives, I plan on putting my earnings into a bank account for her.”

Wow! Jen! My wife (Swag Name: OBERSWAG) and I are expecting around the same time as well! Like you, I’ve been putting my Swagbucks earnings into an Acrons account for the same exact purpose. Anywise (get it), no matter where your puting the extra money, here is 1000 SB towards it! Thanks for sharing the good news and idea! Please let us know she arrives so we can be part of the welcoming comitee as well!

Does anyone else use their SB for savings or investments?

What could you do (or did you do) with a little extra?
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