Mobile App Exclusive Swag Codes

Swaggernauts don’t just sit at desks all day swagging away. Swaggernauts have happening lives. They have places to go and people to meet. It’s for these people that we created the Swagbucks App and we’re about to make earning SB on the go easier and more rewarding.

On Friday, June 19th, we will release our first Mobile App Exclusive Swag Code. Mobile App Exclusive Swag Codes can only be redeemed through the Swagbucks App on your iPhone or Android mobile devices*.

You will continue to receive notifications from both the SwagButton browser extension and Swagbucks App when Mobile App Exclusive Swag Codes are released. When you receive the notification, simply open the Swagbucks App on your mobile device, hit the Swag Code icon and enter the Swag Code in the Swag Code box picture below.

Pictured: Swagbucks App for iPhone (left) and Android (right)

If you try to redeem a Mobile App Exclusive Swag Code on either desktop or the SwagButton browser extension you will receive messaging stating “This Swag Code can only be redeemed via the Mobile App”.

If you have an iPhone or Android mobile device and haven’t tried swagging on the go with the Swagbucks App yet, download it for free HERE.


*Note: Mobile App Exclusive Swag Codes cannot be redeemed when you go to on your mobile device’s browser

*Mobile App Exclusive Swag Codes will have a 1 hour redemption period

-Team Swagbucks