Channel Surf with Swagbucks!

Channel surf with Swagbucks!

The Swagbucks Watch Channel has long been a favorite with Swaggernauts. With categories ranging from Comedy to Entertainment and from Music to Sports, you probably often wonder why you still pay for cable. The only downside of course, reruns. We all love earning SB but how many times can you watch the same videos?

We are bringing you all NEW playlists! You’ll earn the same great rewards but with fresh, new content that you’ll just want to watch and watch until you hit your daily limit of 500 SB. This will in no way affect the way you earn SB in Watch unless you consider fresh, new content a change but that’s a big plus in my book.

We hope you enjoy our new Watch playlists. Share your favorites with your family and friends, it’s always better to Watch with others.

Of course, if there is a playlist you would like to see, drop us a line! Every week we will feature a user-requested playlist under our Editor’s Picks!

-Team Swagbucks