Default Your Engines

When you need to find an answer quickly, you search online. When you want to earn free gift cards quickly, you use Swagbucks.

So why not search online with Swagbucks? You’ll find the answers you need and be on your way to your next gift card!

We want to give you SB, just for defaulting your search engine to Swagbucks and searching!

That’s why we’re gearing up for our next round of Default Your Engines!

Here are the details:

  • The promotion runs from Monday, August 1st at 12am PDT/3am EDT through August 5th at 11:59pm PDT/August 6th 2:59:59am EDT
  • Grand Prize (1): 20,000 SB
  • Second Prize (1): 10,000 SB
  • Third Prize (1): 5,000 SB
  • Runner Up Prize (30): 500 SB
  • Get up to 5 entries each day (25 total)
  • Winners will be announced by August 14th

Getting an entry is simple:

  • Default your search engine to the Swagbucks search
  • Search from the address bar at the top of the page (not the “Search and Earn” field on the navigation bar). b9c73c96-3136-4b99-94bf-56bb8383e263
  • You’ll get one entry into the drawing every day for each search you make from the address bar, up to 5 times a day! (up to 25 entries)

So Swaggernauts…Default Your Engines!!!!

-Team Swagbucks

Congrats to the winners of Default Your Engines!

Grand Prize Winner:

  • cherip88 from Kennebunk, ME

Second Prize Winner:

  • gujuchick from Tampa, FL

Third Prize Winner:

  • jenkinsanthony43 from USA

Runner Up Prizes:

  • tlw0722 from Mobile, AL
  • deanna from Kingwood, TX
  • jlee9015 from Plano, TX
  • kszeto Ottawa, ON, CA
  • tdm1991 from Middlesex, NC
  • stefaniegrennek from Del Rio, TX
  • sdmcp5 from Lehigh Acres, FL
  • carhyl from Sanford, FL
  • Michelle99 from Blackwood, NJ
  • Rsmfields from Tamp, FL
  • AnneBaley from Edgewater, FL
  • bykes187 from Bartow, FL
  • shwagyshwag from Salem, WI
  • auntvonna from Norfolk, VA
  • Theatrenut from Burke, VA
  • Mareluprunning from Chester, PA
  • GypsyLynx from Vista, CA
  • fssebiki from Germantown, MD
  • steve797 from Biggers, AR
  • metz1984 from Sheffield, ENG, UK
  • Nemorach from Live Oak, TX
  • RENITA, from Fomaton, AL
  • casabutton82 from Bellevue, NE
  • cdavie97 from AU
  • natehickox from Lombard, IL
  • QueenOfHell1996 from New Bern, NC
  • swaguser13131362 from San Francisco, CA
  • dbiggs729 from USA
  • snegna from Elburn, IL
  • jgcrawford from Frankston, AU