PayPal Changes

Hi Swaggernauts,

We have important information regarding changes to the way your PayPal gift cards are delivered to your account.  

We have recently changed our PayPal fulfillment partner to Incentive Rewards. Previously in the “Order Status” section, PayPal prizes would be listed as “In My Gift Cards” when fulfilled. It will now read “Shipped”. Going further, once the gift card has shipped you will no longer see the order under “My Gift Cards”.

Additionally, you will see “Shipped” under Order Status in your Swagbucks account prior to the funding of your PayPal account, it may not be available for up to 72 hours. Once fulfilled, you will receive an email from Incentive Rewards notifying you that your cash has been deposited into your PayPal account.

This change only affects USD prizes shipped to US, Australia, and India.

We thank you for your patience..

-Team Swagbucks