Holiday To Do List

For a Limited-Time Only: The Swagbucks To-Do List Is Now More Even More Rewarding

Today, we’re announcing an even more rewarding Swagbucks To-Do List, which we plan to launch December 1, 2016 and support until January 11, 2017.

We’re introducing this for a limited-time so that members have an opportunity to earn more SB during the holiday season. And, depending on how well this version of the To-Do List is received, we may maintain some aspects of it as a more permanent fixture of our SB earning ecosystem.

So, what’s new about it?

We’re adding a new bonus and one new items to the to do list: Complete a survey.

Here’s how the NEW To Do List Bonus will work:

  • Complete any 6 of the 8 items on your to-do list and you’ll receive a 1- 4 SB Bonus Pay-Out, which is how the bonus had been structured since August 7, 2016
  • Starting tomorrow, if you complete all 8 items on your to-do list, you’ll receive an additional and even bigger SB Bonus!

For those not familiar with the To Do List, it’s a short activity list of ways to earn SB every day. Looking to complete each item on your To Do List? Here’s how to do it:

  • Daily Poll – Take the Daily Poll and receive 1 SB.
  • Daily Crave – Complete the Daily Crave and receive 1 or 2 SB.
  • Daily Search – Simply click on the Daily Search link OR earn SB from Search.
  • Daily Watch – Earn at least 1 SB from Watch.
  • Daily Discover – Earn at least 1 SB from any activity in Discover.**
  • Attempt A Gold Survey – Earn at least 1 SB from Answer.***
  • Deal of the Day – Discover great deals by clicking PLUS we’ll give you 1 SB for checking it out.
  • Complete A Gold Survey – Earn SB from completing a Gold Survey on desktop, the Swagbucks Mobile App, or Swagbucks Answer App.  

Earning To Do List Bonuses is a great way to take advantage of all the different ways to earn SB. Give the new To Do List a try! You might even discover a new favorite way to earn while grabbing SB Bonuses along the way!

-Team Swagbucks

*Your To-Do List Bonuses will not count towards your Daily Goal Meter or Referral SB.

**The Discover activity must credit on the day you complete it.

***You can earn SB from a DQ, OQ, or survey complete.