Search and Learn: Mind, Body,Spirit

It’s no secret that better health is at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution lists. Improving the health of your mind, body, and spirit is an integral part to success in almost all facets of life whether it be in your relationships or business! Hopefully this month’s Search & Learn is a step in the right direction:

Introducing Swagbucks Search & Learn: Mind, Body, Spirit!

For those of you who haven’t participated in a Search & Learn, here’s how it works (Official Rules here):

  1. Go to the Search & Learn page each day from January 9th – 13th.
  2. Each day we will have 5 new questions related to one of the following categories:
    • Couch Potatoes
    • Gym Rats
    • Health Nuts
    • Meditation Dedication
    • Yogis
  3. You can either click on the category card OR search from your defaulted Swagbucks Search Engine to find the correct answer!
  4. Once you find the answers to all 5 questions, click on the button that says Win 500 SB on the Search & Learn page and complete that day’s survey.
  5. Each correct answer (up to 5 each day) will enter you into a drawing to win one of 10 prizes of $5*!
  6. We’ll announce our 10 winners the following day at 10am PDT/1pm EDT (Friday’s winners will be announced the following Monday).

ALSO – when you use Swagbucks Search as your defaulted search engine during this promotion, you will be entered (up to 5 times per day) into a drawing to win the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize – $500*
  • Runner Up Prizes (50) – $5*

*All winnings will be paid out in SB. Winners of the Grand Prize and Runner Up Prizes will be announced on Monday, January 16th.

CONGRATS TO OUR GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF $500* : kristermartensso  from Wauwatosa, WI

Congrats to the day 1 winners and the recipients of 500 SB!

  • buffalo100 from Kanab, UT
  • madcad7 Pinellas Park, FL
  • chiamakambarie from Baltimore, MD
  • lvaz2035 from Ocala, FL
  • Daverly from Cordova, TN
  • quill2geek from Painesville, OH
  • ekmckoy from Charlotte, NC
  • JKLuver15 from Blair, NE
  • Doc63 from Bedford, PA
  • Skrappy from Waco, TX

Congrats to the day 2 winners and the recipients of 500 SB!

  • MetalBanjo from Sylvester, GA
  • Shannon41885 from Windham, NH
  • Yoshimicalabrett from Daly City, CA
  • jdotstar from Byron, GA
  • MsApril2u from Salt Lake City, UT
  • iymkrissy from Sacramento, CA
  • CookieLady from Portland, OR
  • angel123101 from JBER, AK
  • ignisterprominen from Fremont, CA
  • sgsinger from Berkley, MI

Congrats to the day 3 winners and the recipients of 500 SB!

  • Johnnybongo from Gagetown, MI
  • Popcorn14 from Bessemer, AL
  • terminallypretty from Lodi, OH
  • minyonghawaii from Honolulu, HI
  • mtbingmom from Bronx, NY
  • lemonn12 from Westminster, CA
  • swaguser90105349 from Gray, ME
  • tinkerbellwantto from Taylor, MI
  • cafeteriagirl from Jerome, PA
  • picnicki from San Marcos, CA

Congrats to the day 4 winners and the recipients of 500 SB!

  • Lyta from Arlington, VA
  • esther217 from Oakland, MI
  • nsoucy723 from Weare, NH
  • pandorasxbox from Sacramento, CA
  • dised44 from the U.S.A
  • 5babygirls4me from Sacramento, CA
  • Suz1997 from Jackson, WY
  • smnelson from Brookings, SD
  • swaguser15955855 from Central City, NE
  • kaylachu1 from Fremont, CA

Congrats to the day 5 winners and the recipients of 500 SB!

  • ABrightDay from Greenfield, OH
  • Callehluff from South Bend, IN
  • shrumette08 from Jacksonville, AL
  • aliciazizzo from Pinellas Park, FL
  • MCAngel89 from Goldsboro, NC
  • evanstuff007 from Corvallis, OR
  • mutha5 from Tamworth, NH
  • bmonti56 from Portland, ME
  • lindab4117116097 from Mishawaka, IN
  • MyWonLife from Kunkletown, PA