Charity Effort for Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is the most powerful hurricane to hit the United States since 2005. It has left behind a trail of devastation with an estimated 40,000 homes being destroyed. The work to repair the damage has only just begun. In the wake of this disaster, we are working with Direct Relief to allow you, our members, to donate your SB to help those affected by the disaster. Let’s come together as a community to donate to those in need, no amount is too small!


Direct Relief’s mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care. Thanks to generous material and financial contributions from individuals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers, Direct Relief can work with healthcare professionals and organizations on the ground and equip them with the essential medical supplies and equipment that they need to help people recover from a disaster.


-Team Swagbucks