October Discover Bundle

How does an extra 600 SB sound? Pretty good, right? Well, between 12am PT October 27th and 11:59pm PT October 31st when you earn SB from Discover you’ll earn a bonus when you hit one of our three tiers.

  • Earn between 200 SB and 499 SB through Discover and get a 50 SB Bonus! (25% Bonus)
  • Earn between 500 and 1,199 SB through Discover and get a 200 SB Bonus! (40% Bonus)
  • Earn 1,200 SB or more through Discover and get a 600 SB Bonus! (50% Bonus)

Head over to discover and start earning!



When will I receive the my bonus? 

All Bonuses will be paid out by 5pm PT on November 8th

Will my bonus credit to my Daily Goal Meter? 

No, your bonus will not count towards your daily goal meter.


Will manual credits count? 

Yes, as long as you receive credit by 11:59pm PST on October 31st, it will count towards your earnings for the Discover Bundle Bonus.

What countries are eligible? 

US only