Grab The Popcorn! – Geostorm



How’s it going Swaggernauts,

My name is Ebs. I’m what they call, a Movie Addict. I go to the theatres a lot and thanks to Swagbucks all I need to do is use my SB for AMC gift cards instead of my own cash. If you’re looking to go see a movie this weekend but have no idea what you want to watch, don’t worry I’ve got your back. Each week, I’m going to tell you what to watch this weekend with your SB!

You were all expecting a horror movie right? Well, I was thinking about it, but by the time this post is up, Halloween would be over. So I decided to watch Geostorm. I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi disaster movies like 2012, War of the Worlds and Zombieland and this movie was not much different. In Geostorm the world was already ending before the movie took place but the scientists and engineers of the world came together to build a powerful network of satellites called Dutch Boy that could control the climate on a global scale. This was used to fight off all incoming calamities.

Three years later and everything was going fine until a United Nations field team stationed in Afghanistan comes across a village that was frozen over, including the citizens. Needing a proper investigation of Dutch Boy, the United States sends the original chief architect Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler, known for playing King Leonidas in the movie 300) back onto the satellites’ station to investigate the cause of the freezing. Did I mention that it’s in space?

Jake Lawson, with the help of his brother Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) quickly realize that this was no accident. With “accidental” deaths and more disasters occurring across the globe, the two need to get over their sibling quarrels and figure out who is corrupting Dutch Boy and how to fix it so that the world doesn’t end in a Geostorm.

The movie was not only full of action and suspense, it also had good character interactions. The brothers felt like brothers. Having siblings of my own, I was easily able to sympathize with the situations they were going through. This movie was no Thor movie but I liked it. Did I mention that it’s in space?

If you’ve watched Geostorm, or plan to watch it, let us know in the comment section below. No spoilers!