Grab the Popcorn! – Jane


How’s it going Swaggernauts,

My name is Ebs. I’m what they call, a Movie Addict. I go to the theatres a lot and thanks to Swagbucks all I need to do is use my SB for AMC gift cards instead of my own cash. If you’re looking to go see a movie this weekend but have no idea what you want to watch, don’t worry I’ve got your back. Each week, I’m going to tell you what to watch this weekend with your SB!

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to watch a film called Jane. No this isn’t about Jane Porter from Tarzan or Jane Smith from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It’s about Jane Goodall, who is considered to be the world’s top expert on chimpanzees. The documentary tells us about her time in Tanzania and how she spent about 50 years living among these wild animals to study them. She made wondrous discoveries about their behavior and how similar they are to humans.

What I liked about this movie than the other documentaries I’ve seen is that the entire film was created using original images and videos from Jane Goodall’s time in Africa. They were taken by Hugo van Lawick, Jane’s ex-husband. The entire film was also told by Jane herself. The entire time I watched this movie I could tell Jane was passionate about these chimpanzees and how much she cherished her time in Tanzania. It was amazing how the director of the film (Brett Morgen) was able to successfully make a film that flowed well and kept me interested, with only the original images and videos.

I wasn’t going to write about this movie because it didn’t have many showings, but since that changed and it’s now being shown in more theatres, I had to make a post about this documentary. I highly recommend you watch Jane if it’s showing near you.

If you’ve watched Jane, or plan to watch it, let us know in the comment section below!