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REAL Valentine Blog Winner #2

Posted by on Tue, January 20th, 2009 at 3:37 pm

So it turned out that the My Funny Valentine Blog Winner I posted today was a fake :( Well the story was real, it just didn’t happen to the person that sent it. In lieu of that information here is the real winner for today.

It’s a little long but written very well and an enjoyable read. I found it fitting as it deals with young love, heartbreak, innocence, and betrayal – much as I and all of us were betrayed by the fraudulent submission ;)

When I was in the 7th grade, I had a massive crush on this girl, who I thought was the most beautiful person in the world. Being your typical, awkward 7th grade boy, I was too intimidated to tell her how I felt. But somehow I managed to gather up my courage and decided I was going to let her know by getting her a Valentine’s Day gift.
I didn’t have a lot money, but I did save up enough to get her a very nice box of chocolates (Can you ever go wrong with chocolates?). The box had these small white hearts on the lid. I didn’t like the stale look of the white hearts, so I carefully filled in each heart with color markers. I’m no artist, but I thought it really added a personal dimension to the gift. In addition, I wrote what could be called a love note for her and placed it in the bottom of the box under the chocolates.
That Valentine’s day, I got to school early and put the box in her desk. I figured she might like to start her day with a surprise gift. Fortunately, the teacher liked me and let me in the class early. She even gave me a wink and wished me good luck.
I crossed paths with the girl several times during the day and even said “hello” a couple of times. But she didn’t say anything about her gift or the note. So I went home not knowing if she liked it or not..
I was a little bummed out that I didn’t hear anything from her and tried to shrug it off.. Later that night I went over to a friend’s house to play some games. While I was there, he asked me if I wanted some candy. He brought over a very familiar looking box of chocolates — one that had colored hearts on the lid. I asked him where he got it and he said some girl had given it to him after school. She had re-gifted my gift to her! When my friend left the room, I opened the box and sure enough — I found my note was still in there. I took the note out and put it in my pocket. My friend didn’t mention anything about it, so I’m guessing he didn’t know where the box of chocolates first came from or about the note. And the next day (and the days that followed) I was too shy/embarrassed to talk to the girl about it.

As fate would have it, she moved away that summer. By then she had been replaced several times over by girls who, at the time, I thought were the most beautiful in the world. Still, I’ve never been able to look at a box of Valentine’s chocolates without thinking of that girl who gave my gift away.

Oh, to be in 7th grade again :)


Valentine Blog Winner #2

Posted by on Tue, January 20th, 2009 at 11:08 am
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Valentine Blog Winner #1

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What Would You Do For Love?

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Send us your prize video

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That’s what Swaggernaut Faris B did and he got 3 free Swag Bucks! Just take a video of yourself opening your Swag Bucks prize, post it on You Tube, and send it in! TSG

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My Funny Valentine

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Go To Tomorrow

Posted by on Wed, January 14th, 2009 at 6:20 pm
Because if you Swaggernauts don’t then you are going to miss the SwagCode that we will have posted on the home page ALL DAY LONG! Three cheers for Free Swag Bucks! TSG