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Little Extra Stories: Anya’s Babies Bum

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When Anya (Swag Name: Anyatron12) and her husband found out that their second child was on the way, she was over the moon. Then dread started to settle in when she remembered how much they spent, month after month, on disposable diapers with their first son. Anya didn’t like the idea of contributing to the mountains of icky diapers sitting in landfills, either. A friend who cloth diapered her son happily gave her the basics, and addressed all of her concerns (Where do I store them between washings? How do I wash them? Do they stain? Is it cheaper in the long run?). Once Anya figured the savings to be had after a year of using cloth instead of disposables, she was sold —- this time around, this baby was going to be cloth-diapered!

Anya has been a Swaggernaut for a while, now. She does it all. Encrave, mobile apps, daily poll, searches ,even the occasional survey.

“It adds up quickly and easily each month, and doesn’t take much of my time. I often use my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards, and just let the credits sit in my Prime account until the holidays, when I do my Christmas shopping for family.”

With Baby #2 on the way, however, Anya decided to get him a “Welcome to the World” gift and just like that, all of the Amazon credit she had accumulated over the past few months was spent in 10 minutes, on two dozen cloth diapers and a washable diaper pail liner. She had her doubts (What if he’s sensitive to the material? What if the diapers leak overnight? Will I really be able to get over the “ick” factor of handling soiled diapers?), but remained hopeful that it would all work out.

Well, Baby boy #2 loved them from day one! And from what Anya tells us, it wasn’t really all that inconvenient to change him or line-dry the diapers (even her husband stopped calling her a dirty hippie after he saw how simple it was).

Anya was satisfied with her money-saving, environmentally-friendly savvy.

Then the rain came.

Anya’s  husband was injured at his job, and lost his job a week later. On top of that,  a bank error led to them being temporarily penniless for a month while the bank straightened it out. Anya’s family doesn’t use credit cards, and quickly burned through their emergency fund to pay the month’s bills and put food on the table.

Anya’s family had to  ”reeeeeeeally tighten” their belts until the bank could reinstate their funds. There was no deadline, no estimate, no idea of when they could breathe again. Anya and her family walked far and walked often to save gas. Snacks and desserts were off-limits at the grocery store, and meatless meals were on the menu until further notice. But there was one happy moment every time I did the grocery shopping….

     ….Swagbucks, you have no idea how great it felt to walk right past the diaper section at the grocery store! When the diaper pail was full, I would just toss the load in the wash, set them on a rack to dry outside, and by the evening I had 24 fresh diapers ready to go. It may not seem like much, but when you’re pinching pennies to stay afloat it makes a world of difference. The money that would have gone to disposable diapers every week instead went towards gas money to get my husband to interviews and, eventually, to his next job.

Long story short, the bank eventually made Anya’s family whole again and her husband quickly found work again. His injury healed well, and they all managed to stay healthy throughout that difficult time. As of this writing they are living comfortably  and are even saving towards owning their first home.

“But no matter what life throws my way, I will forever be thankful that Swagbucks was able to help us keep our heads above water (and my son’s tush covered!) when times got hard.”

Soon boy #2 will be ready to start potty training. Can you guess what the 1,000 SB we gave Anya for this beautiful story are going toward next?

Wow! Does anyone else use Swagbucks for diapers? We never thought we would say this, but we are absolutely delighted with helping covering people’s bums (in more ways than one). Thank you Anya for such an up-lifting story. Your determination is truly un-disposable :)

What could you do (or did you do) with a little extra?

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