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Twitter Trivia Loves Our Veterans!

Posted by on Thu, November 13th, 2014 at 6:00 am

Veterans Day was on Tuesday, November 11th and we’d like to honor some of our favorite Vets! So this week’s Twitter Trivia will do just that!

Here is how it will work:

- Randomly throughout the day we will tweet a trivia question via @swagbucks on Twitter.

- As soon as you have the answer to that trivia question go to and enter the answer IN ALL CAPS in the Swag Code Box. If you are among the first x-number of people to enter the code correctly you will be instantly awarded x-number of Swag Bucks. The numbers of winners for each question and the amount of Swag Bucks won might change each week but will be announced prior to the question (and are listed below).

- Each question has a new batch of winners – you have the potential to win a total of 17 Swag Bucks Today – November 13th – from Twitter Trivia alone!  Each question is open to all Swagbucks members in all countries.

HINTS on how to win:

- Follow @swagbucks on Twitter. You don’t need a Twitter account. Just click the Twitter button under “Stay Connected” on the left side of the Swagbucks home page. Or click here.

- Use the Swagbucks Search function to find the answerthat’s the best part about TRIVIA!  Don’t you agree?  That satisfaction of knowing that YOU were able to discover the answer on your own (and perhaps win some SB for using Swagbucks Search)?!

Today’s Twitter Trivia breakdown:

  • The first 3,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the first Twitter Trivia Question today will each win 6 Swag Bucks
  • The first 2,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the second Twitter Trivia Question today will each win 4 Swag Bucks
  • The first 2,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the third Twitter Trivia Question today will each win 7 Swag Bucks

Are you enjoying this format of Twitter Trivia?

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to answer. We also look forward to your feedback throughout the day.

In case you were unable to play today, below are the 3 questions (and answers):

  1. Q: The actor that served his country on the USS Bunker Hill in 1945 went on to create a company that originally specialized in what product? A: SALADDRESSING (Paul Newman founded Newman’s Own, which gives all proceeds to charity)
  2. Q: The former US President, whose nearsightedness prevented him from serving overseas had a stint as a sportscaster for what professional team? A: CHICAGOCUBS (Ronald Reagan had a successful acting career)
  3. Q: Shortly after making his trek to Washington, which actor was the first major American movie star to don a uniform in World War II? A: JIMMYSTEWART (Mr. Smith Goes To Washington was the clue…)

-Team Swagbucks

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