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Special Offers Are Here

Posted by on Fri, November 6th, 2009 at 11:35 am

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 15 hours, or you just haven’t stopped by (is there really a difference?), you will have noticed that we have a new destination we’re calling the Special Offers page. In case the highly creative page title isn’t clear enough, this page contains all sorts of, wait for it, special offers and other limited-time promotions which you can use to pad that account of yours.

Once you land on the Special Offers page, you’ll notice that there are two kinds of offers for you to explore. The first of those are the No Obligation offers that you’ll notice on the right-hand side of the page.

These offers will be changing pretty regularly, and there’s never any cost to sign up. We’ve taken steps to ensure that you will only ever see quality offers from trusted brands, so if you see something you like, go ahead and take the plunge. While you will not receive any Swag Bucks for participating in these offers, you should be aware that we’ll be, ahem, hiding Swag Codes in this section of the page pretty regularly. In fact, there’s one there right now. This is the same code that was put up yesterday in the evening for those of you that already snagged it.

Once the hubbub of the code dies down, I would encourage you to come back and check out the offers: many of them are pretty cool.

The other section of interest are the direct offers at the bottom of the page:

These offers will always have a button to the right which tells you exactly how many Swag Bucks you can earn for participating in the offer.

As many of you have noted, almost every one of these offers requires a Credit Card. There are a couple that don’t but for right now those are either Credit Report offers or sign up forms for Credit Cards. If you’re over 18, you can go ahead and sign up. Soon, we’ll be adding more offers that are completely free and don’t require a credit card. For now however, these will have to do.

Once again, we’ve done a lot of work to ensure that these offers come from good brands. You can find Swagertunities from folks like Netflix, Blockbuster,, etc. The best part about many of these offers is how quickly your Bucks will be awarded. Typically, you’ll see your account totals credited within an hour! You’ll even notice a new section in the My Account terminal which helps you track your Special Offers. Simply visit the My Swag Bucks page and look for the Special Offers link next to “Swag Codes” and “Redeemed”.

Please only sign up for offers you qualify for, and care about. Be sure to also read carefully the Terms and Conditions of each offer. Users who sign up for, and then cancel their orders could come under scrutiny if we determine that the behavior looks suspicious.

The best way to think about these offers for now, is that if you’re saving up for a special prize (perhaps something in time for the holidays) but you’re short of the number of Bucks you need to snag the item, consider one of our Special Offers to help earn those extra Bucks.

I know that a lot of you still have a lot of questions about this new page, and we’ll be here to answer as much as we possibly can. Remember, soon we’ll be adding more and more ways for everybody to earn Swag Bucks. Your feedback will help us continue to make the Swag Bucks Network the most rewarding destination on the web!


Mega Swag Bucks Day is Here Again!

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Get The Prize You Want With Swag Bucks

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Swagbucks Fun Facts: Friends Invited

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$100 Amazon Gift Card Winner – 11/5

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Twitter Trivia Today!

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MLB Polls & Playoff Wrap-Up

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Beatles Limited Edition Giclee Print Winner!

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Swagbucks Fun Facts: Swag Bucks Awarded

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Bonus Video from TSG!

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