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Ask The Swag Gal (August 7, 2009)

Posted by on Fri, August 7th, 2009 at 8:00 am

Happy Friday Swagsters!

Don’t you just love the excitement of Fridays? Sure, when we talk about weekends we’re technically talking about Saturdays and Sundays. But let’s be honest, Sundays are always a little sad because you know the work/school week is right around the corner. Fridays though are all about anticipation – the thrill of the unknown. So while you may be stuck behind a desk, or in a high-rise cubicle, the mind is free to wander.

And right now this Swag Gal’s imagination is filled with thoughts of night on the town. Which is why today’s question from Phaedra J., in Bend, Oregon is so timely. She asked:

Dear TSGal, What are your thoughts about tipping. How much is the right amount for waitresses, barristas and taxi drivers?

Ahhh so we arrive at the subject of tipping. I think at one point or another we’ve all been sitting at a table at the end of a meal, or exiting the cab when we stop and ask ourselves, “Shoot! How much do I tip?”. I have to admit, I am that person that always turns to the person next to me for the answer instead of trying to figure it out. (This is precisely why I didn’t major in finance!) That was until a few months ago when my friend took notice of this and gave me a little gift. This gift was a little pocket-sized folded pamphlet titled “Gratuitous Guide to Tipping“. It covers tipping for all categories that require it.

I will share it with you flat out, because I think they have it down pat!


15-20% – Especially if they squeeze you in on a busy day!

15% is a standard. Add $2-3 more for giving an extra foot massage or for remembering your favorite color. :)

Spa Treatments/Massage
15-20% – If your service provider offers a helpful product and health advice, really pays attention to your needs, think about a little more.


15-20% – Always remember to see if gratuity is included for larger groups. If you pay with a credit card, try and leave the tip in cash.

$1 per drink is a standard, but a few dollars more shows you appreciate a finely crafted cocktail or some bartenderly advice.

Coat Check Attendant
$1 per item if the coat check is free. If there is a charge no need to tip.

Food Delivery
$2-4 depending on convenience and weather conditions. Remember it’s not always the delivery person’s fault if the food is late! :)


Taxi Driver
10% of total fare. If your driver helps with baggage, etc., maybe a little extra.

Parking Valet
$2 per car.


$1 for hailing a cab, or for helping with your baggage.

Bell Staff
$1-2 per bag, especially if they’re heavy!

$2 per night. (Let’s not forget..they do make your bed every night!)

$5-10 for making impossible-to-get dinner or theater reservations.

Here is a tip chart, should you forget how to work out those percentages. :)

Now you are all pros!! Now get out there and put all that new knowledge to work this weekend!


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