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Ask The Swag Gal (July 3, 2009)

Posted by on Fri, July 3rd, 2009 at 9:15 am

The weekend is almost here and The Swag Gal is excited to kick off the 4th of July holiday! Since we didn’t take questions on Tuesday, I’m gonna go ahead and jump right in to today’s action.

Today we hear from Kimberly M. from Warner Robins, Georgia. She asks:

Hiya Swag Gal, what is this Summer’s “New Black”?

Kimberly, it looks like you are thirsty for some style tips! And what an appropriate question now that we are full-fledged in the middle of Summer.

This year is all about ditching the flat, dark, dismal colors and sticking to the colors that pop. Think bright and vibrant. You will be seeing a sort of “80′s flashback” with all the colors of this season. All of those neon yellows, blues, greens and pinks? Yes, those are making a comeback! I know what you’re thinking…’Does not mean big 80s hair and leg warmers (which already experienced a come back in 2005) are in too?!’ One trend at a time people!

If the thought of crop tops, big hair and leg warmers doesn’t scare you enough, it looks as though Parachute Pants are a 2009 “hot commodity”. Who thought we’d see the day where we’d be dressing again like McHammer and AC Slater. Surely, not I!

As far as the “New Black” of the season, blue is the way to go in Summer 2009 . Blue tones in every shade imaginable have been popping up in Summer runway collections. Whether cobalt, navy, turquoise or electric, blue is in for the young and the.. well.. not-so-young! With Fall clothes starting to occupy the shelves, now is the time to catch those last minute Summer items on sale. I suggest spending a few minutes doing some bargain hunting in the Shop&Earn Mall.

I hope this helps you get in tune with those Summer blues, Kimberly!

For all of you celebrating this weekend, be safe and have fun. I’ll see you next week!


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