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iSpy Search: Cartoon Voice Actors

Posted by on Tue, June 23rd, 2015 at 7:00 am

I’m of the opinion that cartoon voice actors don’t get the credit they deserve. When it comes to stage actors we are so accustomed to seeing their faces that it is easy to give them their proper due. However, we rarely if ever get to see the faces of those who voiced the greatest animated characters of all time. That’s why we are recognizing some of the greatest cartoon voice actors of all time with this week’s iSpy Search Challenge!


Here’s a quick reminder how to participate in iSpy Search

  • Throughout the day we will tweet clues containing famous cartoon characters via @Swagbucks on Twitter with a Swag Search link to help you spot the answer (remember to click the Swag Search link, aside from spotting the answer you might just get a search win).
  • As soon as you solve the clue enter the answer, the last name of the voice actor in ALL CAPS in the Swag Code box. If you are among the first x-number of people to enter the code correctly, you will be instantly awarded x-number of Swag Bucks. The numbers of winners for each clue and the amount of Swag Bucks won will change but will be announced prior to the question.
  • Each question has a new batch of winners – you have the potential to win a total of 16 SB today from iSpy Search alone! Each question is open to all Swagbucks members in all countries.
  • Please do not share the iSpy Search answers on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or other social media channels. These are wholly different than our daily Swag Codes and are for our users who do the work. Similarly, there will be neither mobile push notifications nor SwagButton notification when the answers are active.

Hints on how to win:

  • Follow @Swagbucks on Twitter.
  • Use the Swag Search link in the clue to find the answer (and possibly get a search win)

Today’s iSpy Search breakdown:

  • The first 4,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the first iSpy Search today will win 3 Swag Bucks.
  • The first 3,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the second iSpy Search today will win 4 Swag Bucks.
  • The first 2,500 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the third iSpy Search today will win 5 Swag Bucks.
  • The first 3,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the fourth iSpy Search today will win 4 Swag Bucks.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to answer. We look forward to your feedback throughout the day.

-Team Swagbucks

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