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Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card And Snag Match-Up! From Big Fish Games

Posted by on Thu, April 25th, 2013 at 9:00 am

Do you like to have fun?  Do you like things that are free?  Do you have an iOS device?  If you said “yes” to all three of these questions, boy do we have something exciting for you!  Our friends at Big Fish Games have recently released an app called Match-Up!  In Match-Up, you can play in FREE, fast paced, real-time casual game tournaments for three of your favorite games: Word, Match-3, and Mahjong.  Play LIVE against players all over the world!  Check it out:


Downloading this free app onto your iOS device will start you off with 1,000 chips.  But wait!  If you go to the app store and download Match-Up! by Big Fish Games today, April 25th, you’ll start off with 1,200 chips!  That’s a bonus of 200 chips!

We know how much you guys love Swagbucks Games, so we wanted to pass along another gaming opportunity, especially since it is coming from our reputable, trustworthy friends at Big Fish Games.

And now, Swagbucks and Big Fish Games are giving you a chance to win a $25 Gift Card!  Download Match-Up! on your iOS device, take a screenshot1 of your game play, and post a link to your screenshot in the comments below.  We will choose one of you at random and hook you up with a $25 Gift Card.

For another shot at a $25 Gift Card, leave a comment below and let us know what game you would like to see added next to Match-Up!

To download Match-Up by Big Fish Games on your iOS device, click here.

1To take a screenshot on your iOS device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad), hold down the sleep button and the home button simultaneously:

To access your screenshots go to Photos and on the iPhone, look in Camera Roll, while on the iPod Touch, check out Saved Photos.

Have fun!.

Update: Congratulations to our two winners of the $25 Gift Card – GrouchyBunny and brianfisher!

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