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Thanks For Helping Us Celebrate!

Posted by on Mon, February 25th, 2013 at 8:00 pm

We here at Swag Central want to extend our great thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you who helped us celebrate our 5th birthday!  It was certainly a fun and exciting success – with just a few bumps along the way!  I hope you were all able to earn 135 Swag Bucks through the Swag Codes that we released.  Did you figure out the picture puzzle?  If so, you now know that our Games page has gotten a makeover and is now better than ever!  And we are excited to announce that the long-awaited Game Tournaments have now returned!  Not sure how to solve the picture puzzle?  Visit the Birthday Blowout page tomorrow for the solution.

Today, 5 of our lucky Swaggernauts were awarded with $1000 in real, hard CASH!  These 5 winners are:

Congratulations to all 5 of you!

In addition to our $1000 winners, we were hooking users up with Swag Bucks all day long on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Some of you may have been hooked up for wearing your Swagbucks Party Hat, some of you may have been hooked up for tweeting #SB5Bday, some of you may have been hooked up for sending us a video of your birthday greetings, and some of you may have been hooked up for playing along with our Facebook games.  However it was that you were hooked up, use your Swag Bucks well!

The Swaggernauts who were hooked up with Swag Bucks today are:


freebird1815, HippieGoLuckie, sherwin7, elaine1255, avhomes, GeekyMomma, koppwish, Beachbaby24, ohn0disaster, ibjenn, jvento, GopherGeek101, PJMV13, Saturninus, branskipants, angie12769, SwagBagLady, PippaDAMR, ibereesecup, wetwnn, wyl01, katc2, HK927, PandoraMith, 1shoppingmama, kbee, knvholzer, ladydarcie, sweetie017, Estaban, Roomey, jmgreenleaf, thehuntison, susan051, MewTom, raebaby88, Zmommy2, emtbritt13, Chatterbox1010, championjgdc24, SPECKER, carpince, zarilian, hellzacrez, Redvette1, mbella77, mebroke, supervij, BatmanSaver, MollySian, noodles287, Joey90, Pengelly96, mommybunsola, jennmere, kierramccaffrey, dyourchenko, psychojason, mycows, blondieclaire, gela73, weetoon, rebbos, colledge, beccus, elhuk2013, mummybearx, mohaa, keithymon88, smree, sp33d, smree, jesscal87, rhyolyn, Kaykaytea, Hugsy25, scottysimpson, katestaffl, melissaraye, Bonkers14, dracon12, weetoon, rebbos, VGM7, helcatamy, silverdun, catfores09, Kerry1984, tyroleandancer, rebbos, Beccus, ELHUK2013, xoxLexi , CGood2, Dolly55, RosieMic, jenipo1982 ,Ilovemykids2012, Mamatoolivia, swagcdj, ladywendymb, ColletFarm, Roshall, IAlbert04, jennmere, swagfloss1979, ClazzyLadyK, toatiedog, marlab, bambi123, lismil, andermabes2, vettedoe, livingstongang, JessyOH, duyduc256, Numbersgal, adiksayo, JacobsTunk, momof2girls05, sonya530, SabrinaLea, rajeshsingh98, oldnavygirl, nileypie, blissfulcat, cms984, JPROPS, Earthangel2b, melr262, bellalife, moontan, edgaxas, jinnymarie, heatherours4, dawnadaniels, iamlinda, 64mustanggirl, bberg1010, Jadecrystal27, jodstir, Tesstax, kristina5412, rowdymom, spogit, hirtlaw, nemokatt, ShadowWolf87, EvilScotsman1974, Kimmie8isgr8, Yuiop4031, and Sandsman96

Congratulations to all of you!

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for helping us celebrate our 5th birthday!  We wouldn’t exist without you.  Here’s to another 5 great and rewarding years!

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