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Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Resolution Motivator!

Posted by on Sat, January 17th, 2015 at 11:00 am

Happy weekend!! We hope you’re doing something you love. And of course, we have a fantastic DIY project for you – from Noodle7417 of Daytona Beach, FL!

So with New Years here and a lot of people making lots of amazing New Years Resolutions, I have a DIY project that is great for all those out there that make the “I want to lose weight” resolution. This is something I found that has motivated me and has helped me to keep my resolution from the start of this year.


  • 2 glass/plastic vases/containers – It is up to you.
  • craft pebbles/ gems – enough to mark how much weight you want to lose.
  • Stickers/ paint – whatever you want to make it your own to help you keep track.


  1. One jar is to hold all the pebbles of the weight you want to lose and the other jar is left empty.
  2. Each pound or what ever unit you use that you lose you move a pebble from the jar that you want to lose to the one that you had left empty.
  3. The one empty is for the pounds that you have lost.
  4. It is a beautiful reminder of your goals and each pebble movement I have found to be very motivational to move the next.

What a perfect project for the new year! Thank you so much for sharing – it’s very clever!

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Have a great weekend!

-Team Swagbucks

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