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Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Homemade Soap!

Posted by on Sat, September 6th, 2014 at 11:00 am

It’s the weekend and we have a great DIY project for you today! It comes from cocobeargirl, from Hartsburg, MO.

If you search online you will find there are oodles of laundry soap recipes but this one is my favorite; it is liquid and super easy to whip up. I am a multitasker so this recipe is easy to make while I do my Encrave activities. I have often found coupons for at least one of the ingredients so that significantly reduces the out of pocket price. Without coupons (gasp) this laundry soap breaks down to about a penny per load of laundry! Each batch will cost about .75 and you will have the supplies to make many more loads of laundry in the future. The savings are high in comparison to the expensive jugs in the store. I have very sensitive skin and this soap does not irritate it at all because there are no fillers or scents.


  • 1/3 Fels Naptha bar soap (found in the laundry section of most Walmart stores for about $1.00)
  • ½ cup WASHING soda (not to be confused with baking soda and is also found in the laundry section for about $3.00)
  • ½ cup 20 Mule Team Borax (laundry section for about $3.50)
  • Glycerin (found in the pharmacy section)
  • 5 gallon bucket for mixing
  • Large kettle for cooking
  • Wisk
  • Funnel
  • Old cheese grater
  • Empty laundry soap containers
  • Wate


  • Grate 1/3 of the Fels Naptha bar soap. I prefer to grate the remaining two sections and put them in separate baggies for the next time I make soap.
  • Put 10 cups of water in the kettle and add 1/3 of the bar of Fels Naptha. Heat on medium heat until the soap is dissolved.
  • Do some swagging while you wait.
  • When the soap is dissolved measure out ½ cup Washing Soda and ½ cup Borax and carefully add to the kettle. Stir.
  • Turn off the heat when the soap is dissolved and squirt in a good squirt of Glycerin (1 TBL).
  • Add 2 quarts of water to the bucket so that the plastic does not get too hot.
  • Carefully pour the hot soap liquid into the bucket.
  • Into the bucket, pour in another 3 ½ quarts of water (I use this water to rinse out the kettle).
  • The recipe calls for leaving the soap overnight but I have found that it makes pouring into the laundry containers rather tricky. I prefer to use a funnel and large cup to pour the warm liquid into the laundry soap containers (Sunny D jugs or vinegar jugs work well also). I leave the lids off as the liquid cools. I would not recommend milk or water gallon jugs because they are more likely to develop leaks.
  • I do not fill the jugs completely full because you will need to shake before using the laundry soap. Another option is to add marbles to the jugs to aid in mixing.
  • Optional, I use about half of a scoop of OxiClean after I add the Borax and Washing Soda to give extra whitening.
  • Optional, really miss the scents? Try adding your favorite essential oils to the soap.

This is a great DIY project – thank you for sharing! We hope a lot of Swaggernauts give this a try – but don’t go the Fight Club route!!

If you would like to submit a DIY or a favorite recipe please send it (with your Swag Name and a picture, please) to  If we publish your submission you will get 500 Swag Bucks!

Have a great weekend!

-Team Swagbucks

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