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DIY Jack-O-Lantern Shade Covers

Posted by on Sat, September 29th, 2012 at 11:00 am

In preparation for the Swagbucks Scream Challenge, it’s important to get into the Halloween spirit.  Practice your scary faces, start a scary movie marathon, stock up on candy, and decorate your home.  Hang those ghosts from your trees, cover your bushes in spooky spiderwebs, tape the skeleton to your door, and light up your Jack-O-Lantern lampshades.  I found this awesome project on, and in just 5 easy steps, your Jack-O-Lantern Shade Covers will be ready to transform your home into a Trick-or-Treat haven.


  • craft paper
  • scissors
  • exacto knife
  • orange scrapbook paper (the large, square cardstock kind)
  • double sided scotch tape


Step 1:

Make a template of your shade by tracing the outline on craft paper.  Roll it along the craft paper and trace the outer edges. Begin and end with the seam, making sure to leave a little overlap on the end.

Step 2:

Cut out your paper template and try it on the shade.  Make any adjustments necessary.

Step 3:

Draw a jack-o-lantern face or any shape you desire on the template and cut out using exacto knife.

Step 4:

Trace your template and cut out design and shape on the orange paper.

Step 5:

Wrap the paper around the shade and secure on the back side using double sided tape.  Use the side opposite of the one you cut.  Then, you don’t have to worry about seeing any stray tracing lines.

What will your Jack-o-lantern shade look like?


Do It Yourself Laundry Detergent

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How To Do A Blow Dryer Manicure

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DIY Play Dough

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DIY Household Cleaners

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Summer Beauty Secrets

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