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TSG’s Tips – Commenting

Posted by on Mon, December 10th, 2012 at 6:00 am

Mornin’, Swaggernauts!  TSG here with another round of helpful tips.  As you know, Swagbucks’ mission is to make your time online more rewarding.  (Well, that, and to share awesome videos, like this one.)  We are constantly updating our site to improve on this mission, as well as listening to the comments and suggestions from our loyal users.  We give you the opportunity to provide your feedback in the commenting section of the blog, the Swag Store, SBTV, and Daily Polls.  Along with the opportunity to leave your comment you also have the chance to like a previous comment or flag it, which will put the comment under review for Team Swagbucks to decide if it is appropriate. To assist you in this, TSG is going to lay down some ground rules regarding what is and is not appropriate for commenting on Swagbucks.

  • Do remain on topic.  Attempts to discuss things other than the relevant blog post, prize, video, or poll will be removed.
  • Do be friendly, courteous, and helpful.  Your fellow Swaggernaut can be your best resource for advice on earning and getting around on this big site of ours.
  • Do be tolerant of views that may not be the same as yours.  Tread lightly when discussing anything related to politics or religion.  Remember the old adage about what is polite dinner conversation as it applies here also.
  • Do help us by flagging (which places a comment under review) if you see profanity or links to other sites.
  • Do not post links to your blog, website, or contest in the comments.  If you have a relevant blog, website, or contest and wish to invite people to friend you to discuss it, you may, but Swagbucks is not a public message board.
  • Do not purposely make inciting comments.  If you feel your comment would be offensive to most who would read it, don’t say it.
  • Do not flag fellow Swaggernauts’ comments simply because you disagree with or dislike what they’ve said.  It is perfectly okay for you to have your own opinion, but let others do the same.  Be prepared for people to respond to your comments.  If you don’t want to know what other people think of you owning a pig for a pet, don’t mention it.  If your comment is under review, it is because your fellow Swaggernaut flagged it for review.  Those comments are either approved or deleted in most cases.
  • Do not attack your fellow Swaggernaut.  It is okay to give your opinion on someone else’s comment, but not okay to berate them for it.  This includes the Daily Poll itself.  In most cases, it was submitted by your fellow Swaggernaut and has already been approved by Team Swagbucks.  If you have a sincere issue with the poll you’d like to bring to our attention, please contact Customer Support.
  • Do not attempt to bypass profanity filters.  Such comments will be flagged and deleted.  It’s unfortunate how many worthwhile comments get deleted because of this.

Any lack of adherence to these rules may result in being banned from commenting and/or flagging, and could potentially mean deactivation. We also reserve the right to amend these ground rules at anytime.

All that said, we love to hear from our Swaggernauts.  Have a suggestion for a new feature?  Love a prize in the Swag Store?  Try out a recipe from SBTV?  Let us know!  We’re always watching and you never know when your insightful comment might result in a surprise addition to your Swag Bucks total.

Comment in this post (adhering to the guidelines above) and let TSG know what your favorite part of Swagbucks is.


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