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The Look for Less – Kelly Ripa

Posted by on Thu, June 16th, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Earlier this morning, I asked you guys who you’d like to see in the Look for Less.  The majority of your votes went to Kelly Ripa, so today we’re going to match her style at an affordable price.  I chose this outfit because it’s cute, comfortable, and perfectly coordinated for any Fourth of July celebrations.  Let’s check it out:

I found similar skinny jeans at for only $31.92.  These can be paired with nearly any top in your wardrobe!

I found Kelly’s crisp, white belt at Kohl’ for $24.00.

I was able to find shoes that are almost identical to Kelly’s, but most likely for a fraction of the price.  These Kutie Knot Platform Pumps are only $27.99 at!

And here’s where you come in.  I had a very hard time searching for a shirt similar to Kelly’s.  Unfortunately, I had no luck.  You guys proved yourself last time, and I know you can do it again!  I’ll give 100 Swag Bucks to the user who finds the closest match to this shirt at the cheapest price.  Comment in this post with the link to the shirt.  And, if you find the shirt using Swagbucks’ Shop&Earn (which is what I used to find all the products above), I will give you 150 Swag Bucks!!

Good luck!


Who’s got the look?

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Look for Less Follow-Up

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Naturally Neutral

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Go Bold

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Dressed for the day and night!

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Summer Vacation Wardrobe

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Style Guide

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Nothing To Wear?

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Little Black Dress

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There is so much versatility that comes with a little black dress.  You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to dinner, wear it for a night out, wear it to a wedding, and so much more.  It all comes down to what you add or what you take away from it that […]