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The Bank of Swagbucks: An Idea

Posted by on Tue, August 11th, 2009 at 5:31 pm

Hey Swaggers! With so many great prizes from all the great partners we have across our network, some of our users can become overwhelmed with the decision of just what Swagbucks site(s) to use and what to save for.

That said, we get tons of ideas daily from our users and every now and then we get an idea that really makes us scratch our heads and think about. Such was the case when Ashley F. of Toms River, NJ sent us this:

“Hi TSG, I think it’d be great if you guys could trade Swagbucks across Search & Win sites BUT because I know it’s been asked of you and understand why they can’t just be interchangeable, what about having something like an internal currency exchange run by Swagbucks. So if I have Hilary Duff Swagbucks and want to put them into regular Swagbucks, you’d give 3 Swag Bucks for every 4 Swag Bucks I have or something like that. What do you think?”

Well, Ashley I think it’s an intriguing concept to be sure. And, its important to mention that you wouldn’t always be losing Swag Bucks in exchanges. For instance, there are some partner sites you could trade to or from where you’d gain Swag Bucks in the exchange.

So, I turn to you Swag Nation. What do you think about this? AND, what prizes on other partner sites on our network could you see yourself trading Swag Bucks from another site or Swagbucks itself to snag?

Leave a comment with any feedback and prizes on sites you don’t have Swag Bucks for that you’ve had or now have your eye on.

We are curious…