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Top 5 Tips For Getting In Shape For Swimsuit Season

Posted by on Wed, May 15th, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Swimsuit season is just around the corner.  If you were to hit the beach in your swimsuit tomorrow, would you feel confident with the way you looked?  If not, let’s change that!  I visited Sport & Health and found the Top 5 Tips for Getting in Shape for Swimsuit Season, and I’m here to share them with all of you.  These were presented by personal trainer, Alex Wright.

Top 5 Tips for Getting in Shape for Swimsuit Season

  • DIET
    It’s a very simple math equation. You have to look at how many calories you’re putting into your body versus how many you’re expending. You have to manage or change what you’re eating. I’m not suggesting you log every single calories you’re eating, but you will make much greater gains in your weight loss journey if you are conscious of it. That’s got to be your #1 priority.
    If all else is equal, and your calories in = calories out, you’ve got to create a calorie deficit, and cardio is a great way to do that. The general accepted recommendation is 60 minutes five days each week. Those are the guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine and the Department of Health. I know that’s difficult to carve out, but it will make a huge difference.
    Throughout your day, whether you’re sitting at a desk or running on a treadmill, you’re going to be burning more calories at a constant rate because you have more active tissue. So, weight training is very important.
    In addition to prescribed exercise, it is really important to move more. Park your car a little farther away. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk the escalator versus just standing to the right. All of these things add up, It’s not required that you have a huge margin between calories in and calories out. It doesn’t take much – a small margin over time really adds up. With swimsuit season just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to get as much extra activity in as you can – it really will make a difference.
    A big part of this is going to be writing down what you do, what you’re going to do. Many of us Americans are Type A personalities. We like to “cross things off the list.” The chances that you are going to eat what you write down are much better than if you go about your day without a plan. Having a written plan also allows you to look back in a few weeks and see what you’ve done to get the results you’ve achieved – or haven’t achieved. If you can’t look back and see what you’ve done, you can’t modify your plan.

If you have a helpful tip for getting in shape for swimsuit season, be sure to share it in the comments section below!

Let’s do this!  Look out bikinis, we’re comin’!



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